Fellow Wayfarer,

There is our personal journey we each walk in life, unique to us, a story that is only ours to fully write and tell. But for thousands of years millions of us have heard the compelling call, quite impossible to ignore, beckoning us to adventure beyond the fortress walls, or city limits, to see how the other half lives. 

The spirit of adventure has been embedded in our DNA. Besides dividing and conquering, many choose a voyage into the unknown for the pure sake and thrill of adventure. Some, to set their soul free, escape from their human limitations or suppression. There are just as many motives for jumping over the wall and facing uncertainty as there are for staying put, safe in our familiar home.

I am no exception to hearing the call to adventure, but have also been keenly aware of my feelings of vulnerability. Though I have conquered many illusions and fears I am quite sure neither will ever fully retreat. I'm sure the tests will continue for as long as I desire to see the other side.

I have devoted much of my life to understanding my human condition, learning to choose courage over fear. Travel has played a big role in helping me to do that. I've keenly observed humanities development through diverse times and civilizations, its sages and architects, who have left behind sacred words, clues and symbols of what they have come to know, and to inspire the generations who were to walk after them.

I invite you to walk together as a fellow Wayfarer, stepping into unfamiliar territory, sharing stories and revelations. I invite you to open your mind and heart, to connect to your fellowman both past and present, walking in their shoes so we may understand our common evolution from human to soul, and light up the path for future generations. 

Go ahead. Try on the slipper. I bet they fit.

23 Feb, 2017
Category: Wayfaring

Travel always feels like a bit of a dare. But isn’t it true that life itself feels like a great big dare that we’ve taken on too? It can be exciting, and then unsettling, certain then uncertain. We are always in between feelings of being in love then out of love, of greatness and vulnerability.

30 Nov, 0002
Category: Wayfaring

'Be Fearless'. You’ve more than likely come across the t-shirt somewhere in your travels. It sounds like a good piece of advice, but anyone who seriously ponders on these words will know - that anything that was worth achieving in life came with some discomfort, rattled our nerves, or led us to even seemingly lose our minds temporarily...