Four Seasons of the Soul

23 Jan 2017

With a little magic from Mother Nature, your creations will soon soul-bedazzle you! Planning each step to reach a goal, if they can be consciously aligned with the ebb and flow of the four seasons, is like having a full legion of unique helpers with specific powers behind you, ensuring your visions and plans come into full manifestation.

Every season can support you with distinct manifesting powers to assist the four bodies of self: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. With this knowledge, you can harness the law of attraction fully in your life, and watch in awe as your manifestations become beauty to behold. 

Once you are in tune and learn to harness the ebb and flow of your own energy and gifts, you can begin to tune in to, and align with nature’s energies, the greatest teacher and guide for soul development.

For over two decades I have been living on the edge of a very lively forest, and I have observed and felt the ebb and flow of nature in detail, her cycles, and the natural powers that comes with each season to enhance our four bodies.

Today, my everyday activity is deeply woven into Mother Nature’s timing, heightening my intuitive sensitivity, and powering up my creative impulses. This knowledge, known as Solar Astrology, greatly assists me in manifesting my goals and the understanding of my personal responsibility and relationship to the world. 

“Solar Astrology is the science of relationship between all living things within the universe, an ancient knowledge that every community in the world once practiced, but has now virtually disappeared from the mind of the average citizen.”

Evidence in stone has been left all over this planet for us to learn from, and shows us how the Mayans, Egyptians, Nordics, Celtics, and other ancient civilizations worshipped nature, the sun, the stars, and the moon. These stones tell us how they structured their culture, ceremonies, and architectural achievements around cosmic cycles. I started to make these and other connections through my study of art, design, Raja Yoga, and by travelling to many ancient civilizations to see these very stones left behind. 

Whether we are conscious of it or not, all that is present around us significantly influences our psyche: the environment, weather, people, world events, solar and planetary systems. Being aware of these influences can teach us how to connect with our environment in order to boost positive intentions, experiences and outcomes. We can move with the ebb and flow, rather than try to swim upstream and against the flow, costing us energy, time, money, stress, failure and conflict. 

Soulology Golden Key:  As in all things, energy is carried by something - usually in the form of movement. Going with the flow of a specific energy can enhance every aspect of your life: clear thought, physical fitness, emotional fortitude, and spiritual connectedness.

Each of the four seasons carries a form of energy that is specific to its purpose in the repetition of movement, from rebirth to completion, the circle of life in nature. 

Winter/Spring                 Spiritual/Mental
Spring/Summer               Mental/Physical
Summer/Autumn           Physical/Emotional
Autumn/Winter            Emotional/Spiritual

As the seasons change from one to the next, there is a shift of this energy. Some are more magnetic, and some more electric, and if we allow ourselves to tune in and go with the ebb and flow, we learn to use this power to plant the seeds of ideas and vision and become the Super-Manifestors of our life.