What is Soulology?

It is the universal science and study of the divine aspect within the human form - taught for thousands of years by Eastern sages to Western metaphysicians. Our divine nature is not bound by any religion, culture, or spiritual school of thought. It is free, to be explored, understood, and ascertained by the individual's right thinking and practice, as their own personal, unique experience. Soulology can assist an individual who is looking for direction on how to explore, invoke, and articulate those experiences, while gradually illuminating the soul body within.

Science and technology can now measure the aura or bio-energy field of the human form, capturing the soul mechanism through photo-imagery - a colourful impression of expanding and contracting electric-magnetic light, a technology we utilize daily at Grail Springs. Guests may see their before and after photos and the improvements they have made over their stay.

The seven force centres within the body called chakras, transmit our life-force. They are agents for the soul.

This greatly excites one's imagination, and the future possibilities that it can inspire in the fields of medicine and education. What a different world we would be living in within a generation or two, if only children were to be shown and taught about the electric-magnetic field surrounding every living being. We'd illuminate a soulful world in no time and never look back.

When an individual commits to a sincere study and practice, they can come to know definitively, that the soul is much more than just a mechanical function for our life-force.

Our soul is an exquisite, complex character, filled with immense potential to heal, reveal, appreciate true beauty,
and with an ability to create - un-limitlessly. 

Through personal stories, lessons, and practical meditations which I’ve come to share at Grail Springs for over two decades now, I invite you who have heard the calling of their soul, to follow an ancient, universal path that I have come to know and trust. I've attempted to take a complex methodology and make it simpler and relevant to today's world and lifestyle challenges. Enjoy the reading.



07 Apr, 2017
Category: Soulology

Sages who have studied the mind and soul know that the first step for any aspirant to begin their contemplation, is that they must engage their imagination. Though this sounds in contra to 'pure knowing', the use of imagination is a required first step along the path.

23 Jan, 2017
Category: Soulology

With a little magic from Mother Nature, your creations will soon soul-bedazzle you! Planning each step to reach a goal, if they can be consciously aligned with the ebb and flow of the four seasons, is like having a full legion of unique helpers with specific powers behind you, ensuring your visions and plans come into full manifestation.