So…What does the Glorious YOU Really Look Like?

07 Apr 2017

Sages who have studied the mind and soul know that the first step for any aspirant to begin their contemplation, is that they must engage their imagination. Though this sounds in contra to 'pure knowing', the use of imagination is a required first step along the path.

It matters not so much in the beginning stages what image of the soul the aspirant creates for themselves in their mind. Right or wrong, what is more important is that they can relate to their creation so they can be successful. 

An individual can study the mechanism of the soul, and read all about its attributes, but there must follow the application of 'trying it on'. Through the practice of meditation we can begin to feel the soul’s energy and uncover its qualities. The more we practice, the more sensitive we become to the subtleties.

"Experimentation must follow knowledge and belief."

How can you fast-track yourself to your light?  

The soul responds to - focused thinking upon IT.  It begins to LITERALLY ‘rise to the occasion' when the mind's eye decides to point itself in the soul’s direction. Hence, visualization is a golden key to unlocking a door to the divine.  The mind is an instrument of the soul that all aspirants must learn to harness and use correctly in order to move forward in their quest for soul-discovery.

A Soulology Golden Key: Experimentation through visualization must follow knowledge and belief.

If you are ready to unlock your inner light and realize its potential, practice the simple meditation below a few times a week, while also journaling your results. You will quickly begin to attune to and ignite the soul’s electric-magnetic energy. Over time you will feel it getting stronger, along with many other secrets you will come to discover.

Until then, the soul simply lies in wait. Patience, she is.

soulful Meditation

A Soulful Living Meditation for You
Bring Your Soul Forward 

10 minutes

Read through the entire instruction first before you begin. Have a journal on hand beside you to take notes following your visualization meditation.

Sit upright in a comfortable chair somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and take in a few slow deep breaths. Relax your body. Take these first few minutes to feel your heart centre. Then, feel a point in the middle of your brow. Continue taking relaxed, deep, breaths as needed. Then allow your breath to resume its natural pattern. 

Now, see in your mind’s eye an image of yourself standing on a beach.  Observe yourself from behind (similar to the photo above). Keep your eyes closed and now move forward and enter that body. Look out on to the ocean.  Keep using your inner vision and look downward towards your chest. Visualize a soft colourful light emanating and pulsating from your chest. Remain here for a minute or two - or as long as you can hold the vision. Stay as quiet as possible.

Now, raise your vision upward and look out into the ocean in front of you again. Visualize this same soft light emanating from your brow area as well as your chest, pulsating outward and over the body of water. Remain here for a minute or two or again, or as long as you can hold it.

Now step back and see yourself from a distance once again, standing on the beach. Look at the full spectrum of soft emanating light surrounding you, and pulsating from your entire being, spreading in all directions.  Remain here for a few minutes and just observe.

When ready, take a deep breath and open your eyes slowly. Allow yourself to come back into your physical body. Keep the rhythm.

Gently journal any and all observations, as well as the sensations from the heart, hands or head you may have felt or are still feeling.

Continue to exercise this meditation two or three times a week. The revelations will progress.