Hello Wayfarers,

Here's a look at the highlights of our journey to sacred Iceland in 2018!

The famous Blue Lagoon and Silica Hotel / Explore the Buzzing City of Reykjavík with Icelandic Arts & Crafts, Vibrant Culture Life and Delicious Nordic Cuisine / Lake Town of Laugarvatn - Genuine Icelandic Charm and History / Fontana Geothermal Baths / The Golden Circle with Gullfoss Falls and Geysir Hot Springs / Viking Longhouse / Full Moon Peace Ceremony at Thingvellir National Park - Heart of the Icelandic Nation / Yoga and Sound Healing /Farewell dinner in Reykjavik

A little about the Icelandic Essence 

Every aspect of our precious Mother Earth is sacred. Each country vibrates its distinctive frequency and by doing so, contributes to the world grid at large. Iceland is no exception. The land is like a young creative mother, the energy: raw, wild, and honest. It is the land of fire and ice, an alchemical mystery island surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean. Here, the four physical elements play with each other in a breathtaking symphony, calling forth the fifth element of Spirit within and all around. It is an island of sharp contrasts where the opposite forces come together in pure creation. 

As we journey into this beautiful country, in May of 2018, we will be entering a transformational place of power and honesty. Iceland‘s energy is potent, almost tangible, and the unique landscapes mesmerizing; black lava fields and soft mossy hills, majestic waterfalls and bubbling hot springs, pouting geysers and active volcanoes under our feet! The whole island serves as a sacred nature temple, a radiant north star guiding us to the center of our authentic selves.

Detailed Journey Outline  *itinerary is subject to minor changes

Saturday May 26th 

Location: Blue Lagoon → Silica Hotel

Blue Lagoon in Iceland  Silica Hotel in Iceland  View at the Silica Hotel in Iceland

Accommodation: Silica Hotel - Single/Twin Occupancy w/private bath, ticket to Blue Lagoon

Activities:  Head straight from the airport to your hotel near The Blue Lagoon. Store your luggage with concierge. Spend the afternoon soaking in The Blue Lagoon Thermal Waters. Welcoming Gathering. 

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Our Sacred Journey begins at the world-renowned Blue Lagoon, located only 20 minutes from the airport. There we will allow ourselves the time and space for all of our group members to arrive. Unwind and soak in the utter deliciousness of the lagoon. The warm water is rich in silica, algae, and minerals -which soothe both body and mind. You can have lunch, at your leisure, in one of the Blue Lagoon’s restaurants. After a beautiful restorative day in the healing waters, it will be time to head back to the serene Hotel to check-in.

Silica Hotel is surrounded by picturesque black lava fields and soft green moss. It is an absolute gem in this rugged terrain as it has its own private lagoon for its guests to enjoy in peace and quiet. We have specifically chosen Silica Hotel for our first night to provide an enveloping atmosphere for us to ground our energies within, and let go of any residue fatigue we may have in our bodies after travelling between continents. At Silica Hotel we can therefore allow ourselves to completely relax into the embrace of this sacred new land that is welcoming us with open arms.

After we have rested and restored our energies we will meet in the hotel’s yoga room for a welcoming introductory gathering with Madeleine and Sóley. For dinner guest can either dine at Hotel Silica’s restaurant or book a table at Blue Lagoon’s Lava restaurant, just ten-minute walk from the hotel. We are sure you will be ready for a good night sleep!

Flight Recommendation: The program for Saturday May 26th is based on participants flying in from Toronto Saturday morning, or having already arrived days earlier.  

Sunday May 27th 

Location: Silica Hotel → Reykjavík → Laugarvatn

Reykjavik, Iceland at nighttime  Reykjavik city street in the afternoon  Reykjavik, near the water   

Accommodation: Héraðsskólinn at Laugarvatn - Single or Twin Occupancy w/shared bath

Activities:  Explore and have lunch in Reykjavík / Travel to our next destination at Héraðsskólinn Hostel in Laugarvatn / Enjoy dinner and an evening at the Fontana Geothermal Baths

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On Sunday we will leave Silica Hotel after breakfast and drive to the buzzing capital of Reykjavík to enjoy and explore. Reykjavík is the northernmost capital in the world and home to roughly one third of the Icelandic nation, or approximately 120,000 people. Known for its vibrant culture and artisans, steep history and distinctive beauty, this little capital with its big heart will leave no one untouched.

Houses in Heradsskolinn with a rainbow over top  a hotel room in Heradsskolinn, Iceland  A restaurant in Heradsskolinn, Iceland

In the late afternoon we will leave Reykjavík for the little town of Laugarvatn. The drive takes approx. 1 hour. Laugarvatn will be our home and hold sacred space for us for the next three nights. The town is beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Laugarvatn or ‘The Bathing Lake’ in the heart of The Golden Circle. The Golden Circle is the route we will journey the following day including the country’s most renowned natural wonders like The Great Geysir area to the east, and Thingvellir National Park to the west.

At Laugarvatn we will be staying at Héraðsskólinn, one of Iceland’s most famous buildings, idyllically overlooking the lake. The orginal school house built in 1928 has served as a foundation for educational and cultural advancements throughout Icelandic history including hosting a famous Nobel writer as its guest. In 2014 it was renovated into a one-of-its-kind boutique hostel, preserving the charm of the old days. 

Héraðsskólinn Hostel in Iceland    View of the mountains at Héraðsskólinn Hostel   

Laugarvatn Fontana Geothermal Baths is only a few minutes walking distance from Héraðsskólinn. After settling in and relaxing after a busy day in the city, we will meet at Fontana for dinner and an evening soak in the warm baths. The steam saunas at Fontana have become notorious for their authenticity, as the steam is coming straight up from underneath the floorboards, not through pipes. 

Monday May 28th 

Location: Laugarvatn → The Golden Circle → Laugarvatn

Accommodation: Héraðsskólinn at Laugarvatn - Single or Twin Occupancy w/shared bath

Activities:  Morning Movement & Meditation / Workshop with Madeleine and Sóley / Golden Circle Elemental Journey

Water rapids in Iceland  giant Geyser  Viking House 

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For three days we will wake up at Laugarvatn to our sacred Morning Rhythm of Movement & Meditation with Thorey Vidars. The soft yoga stretches and light meditation will lovingly wake us up and ground our energies in heart-centeredness and open mindset. After breakfast we will gather in our private common room for 45 minutes for Wisdom Workshop with Madeleine and Sóley delivering the focus for the day. 

In the late morning we will then embark on our sacred journey. This will be our longest excursion day, packed with amazing sites and natural wonders and a lunch experience in a tomato greenhouse! A perfect opportunity to embrace our inner explorer, the brave and humble journeyer who’s ready for the unknown and travels with an open mind and heart.

On our Golden Circle Elemental Journey we will be sharing and communicating with the four sacred elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, opening up to the fifth element of Ether, the Unknown - our pure potential in matter and spirit. We will visit a replica of a Viking longhouse, so make sure not to forget your camera! 

Tuesday May 29th / FULL MOON 

Location: Laugarvatn → Thingvellir National Park → Laugarvatn

Accommodation: Héraðsskólinn at Laugarvatn - Single or Twin Occupancy w/shared bath

Activities:  Morning Movement & Meditation / Workshop with Madeleine and Sóley / Journey to Thingvellir National Park / Sound Healing with Singing Crystal Bowls / Full Moon Peace Meditation and Ceremony 

Thingvellir Park in Iceland  Flowers at Thingvellir park in Iceland  Ceremony at Thingvellir Park in Iceland

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The Full Moon Day of May will be dedicated to the celebration of Peace within and without. After a beautiful morning of soft movements and weaving threads of wisdom together, we will drive to Thingvellir National Park.  

Thingvellir is one of Iceland‘s most sacred places. It is a beautiful historical site of deep wisdom. It is where the oldest parliament in the world was established, the name meaning ‘the assembly fields’ or ‘the Parliament Plains’. Thingvellir holds great historical and geographical significance as it sits on a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which separates the Eurasian and the North American Plates by 2,5 cm. per year. You can just imagine the dynamic forces at work here, visible, and the energy ever so tangible.

Thingvellir is a beautiful nature temple, and referred to as ‘The Heart of the Icelandic Nation’. In the sacred space we will allow ourselves the peaceful enjoyment of exploring the grounds both in a group and on our own. This will give us the utter freedom of being still or wild, expressing ourselves in the way we choose, breathing deeply with Mother Nature. Communicate with her as the Individuals of Oneness we innately are. For our Thingvellir Journey we will take our own lunch packages with us for an outdoor experience if the weather approves. In the late afternoon we will all gather on the main plains for a sacred moment and ceremony as One, in celebration of peace. 

In the evening at 9pm meditators from around the country will meet in spirit exactly where we were in body just a few hours before for their monthly Full Moon Peace Meditation. We will join in from Laugarvatn, carrying in our hearts the sacredness offered to us at Thingvellir that day. Our last night at Laugarvatn will be dedicated to harmony, beauty and compassion as we will lovingly integrate our experiences from the past few days. We will be ‘closing the circle in gratitude’, symbolically becoming one with the round moon, graceful and receptive to the miracles of life. 

Wednesday May 30th

Location: Laugarvatn → Reykjavík

Accommodation: CenterHotel Thingholt luxury boutique hotel - Single or Twin Occupancy w/private bath

Reykjavik modern building  A giant landmark in Reykjavik  

Activities:  Morning Movement & Meditation / Workshop with Madeleine and Sóley / Explore Reykjavík City / Additional Optional Tours and Excursions (see below) / Farewell Dinner /CenterHotel Thingholt

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Our last day will be spent enjoying Reyjavík again. We will arrive before noon so you can choose whatever your heart desires to do! We can help you to choose. Visit Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower at Videy Island, or Go Whale Watching. Or simply stroll in the city center, get lost in its beauty and authenticity. We will give you a list of our recommended activities and links so you can book your tours in advance. All we ask for is that you’ll be back in time for our Final Farewell Dinner at 7pm in the city center! Your hotel will be just around the corner. 

Thursday May 31st

If you have an early flight home on Thursday morning May 31st we will arrange for a Fly Bus pickup at the hotel for you. If you plan on staying longer, buses leave every hour from downtown to Keflavik airport.

RESERVE YOUR SPACE - FINAL REGISTRATION IS FEBRUARY 28TH. Minimum 8 persons. Maximum 14 persons.

If you would like to share with someone, write to Soley@SacredIceland.com and she will connect you with other women who would like to share a room. All rooms have two twin beds.


Reserve Your Space: http://www.sacrediceland.com/journey-with-madeleine-2018

  • Single Occupancy CAD $3,995 // Double Occupancy CAD $2,995 (VAT included)
  • Balance Payment due latest March 1st 2018

Included in price:

  • Wisdom Workshops with Madeleine and Sóley from Sacred Iceland

  • Registered Tour Guidance and Yoga & Meditation facilitation by Thorey ~ Hathara

  • All Accommodations – choice of single or double occupancy

  • All Breakfasts

  • Entrance to Fontana Geothermal Baths

  • Entrance to Kerið Volcano Crater

  • All transport within the main itinerary 

Excluded from price

  • Flights

  • Transport to and from airport - Upon arrival we recommend that you take a taxi to Silica Hotel. The Blue Lagoon is within walking distance of the hotel. Upon early departure Fly Bus pickup at hotel can be arranged for. 

  • Ticket to Blue Lagoon

  • All optional tours/excursions in Reykjavík

  • All lunches and dinners

​Additional Optional Tours in Reykjavík which we recommend: 

Snorkeling in the Continental Plates in Iceland  Peace Tower in Iceland  Whale watching in Iceland

Snorkeling between the Continental Plates, Harpa Concert Hall, Whale Watching, Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower, Caving - ‘Inside The Volcano’ tour, and many more.  A list with suggested activities and tours in and around Reykjavík will be sent to participants.

Links to explore:

Joining Madeleine is Spiritual Journey Guide and Workshop Facilitator Soley

Helga Sóley

Helga Sóley is a native Icelander, founder and spiritual journey guide at Sacred Iceland. Much of her childhood and adolescence she spent outdoors in the powerful Icelandic nature with her parents, her spiritual mentors. Embraced by every season she learned to appreciate and communicated with the forces of the elements and to humbly honor herself as part of that greatness. She learned to recognize herself as being one with the greater whole. Since 2005 Sóley has passionately worked towards opening a channel for the world to enjoy nourishing Mind Body Spirit experiences in Iceland. Her visionary work has led her to engage in beautiful entrepreneurial projects founded on the global dream of realizing world peace and harmony by supporting the individual’s journey of self-discovery. She has led the organization of various holistic events, workshops, and retreats in Iceland with both Icelandic and international facilitators. Furthermore, her spiritual visionary journey has allowed her to cross paths with wonderful souls from around the world, among them Madeleine Marentette who she met in 2008.  During our Journey to Sacred Iceland in May 2018, Sóley will share with us and extend her love and appreciation for her beautiful country and guide us in elemental work with her mother ground. She is honored to serve as a hostess and welcome kindred spirits to come and enjoy the transformative energy and healing forces of Sacred Iceland. Individually, yet together as One.
www.helgasoley.com        email:  ​   soley@sacrediceland.com

Registered Tour Guide and Morning Movement Facilitation with Thorey 

Thorey Vidars

Thorey Vidars is Helga Sóley’s sister. She is a yoga & yoga dance teacher and sound healer. For several years she has been offering group classes and body mind spirit workshops where she combines these powerful modalities. Sound, movement and relaxation give the individual the opportunity to truly dive deep inside for healing and to ignite the creative spark which lies within. Ultimately to sense deep peace and gratitude. During our May 2018 journey, Thorey will lead gentle yoga classes & meditations. She will bring her crystal bowls and invite us to enjoy a beautiful sound healing experience. Thorey is also a licensed Icelandic tour guide so as we journey the country she will be educating us about Iceland’s history, geology and the powerful volcanic activity and geothermal power that lies underneath this magical island. She looks forward to experiencing this amazing time together.