Welcome Beauty Seekers,

I've been creating interior spaces ever since I was big enough to push a piece of furniture around on my own. My brain was obsessively attuned to my every environment good or bad, and that's a whole other story (or book)!

Beauty is an experience. Beauty for certain, is uniquely experienced by the eyes of the beholder. And beauty can be perceived through all of our senses. A piece of classical music by the masters such as Mozart or Bethoven for instance, will undoubtedly invoke an emotional, visceral response from the listener. The experience of perceiving beauty through any of our senses, rewards us immediately with an injection of a 'feel good' chemical hormone, which acts as a neurotransmitter that lights up other nerve centres. We end up with that warm and fuzzy sensation of happiness and wellbeing.

What is most pleasing to us is when we sense the presence of harmony; balanced proportions of colour, shape, size, sound, light, shadow, aroma, flavour, and, this includes the totality of the relationship between of all of those parts to the whole. It raises are spirits. Literally. Of course every designer concedes that budget and compromise plays a part in every equation. But we quickly learn that much beauty can be found in an empty space just as easily as an ornate one! 

It's a gift to see and feel beauty. It is also a gift to see and feel the absence of beauty. This insight churned my passion, and my passion became my mission. I've spent almost my entire life critiquing, fixing, admiring, and being in awe of spaces. I've allowed spaces to nurture me, inspire me, and even bring me closer to God. And I've been lucky enough to create spaces for others, all in an attempt to inspire people to be happier by simply surrounding themselves with more beauty. Beauty is a gift to be experienced, understood, adored and shared by all. Let the world create more of it!

I hope to share with you, many, many warm and fuzzy's over the years.

Your truly,

Beauty Queen (of the divine kind)



Madeleine Marentette
09 Apr, 2017
Category: Design

Out of the blue, an unexpected few words can catch our full attention, and it stops us right in our tracks. It's the clue to the very thing we have been longing for all of our life - and its been right under our feet the whole time!

Madeleine Marentette
03 Apr, 2017
Category: Design

Is there such a thing as universal beauty?