Awake Amongst Sleeping Giants

23 Feb 2017

Travel always feels like a bit of a dare. But isn’t it true that life itself feels like a great big dare that we’ve taken on too? It can be exciting, and then unsettling, certain then uncertain. We are always in between feelings of being in love then out of love, of greatness and vulnerability.

Travel can most certainly bring on all of the above.

When preparation begins, we often turn on the worry: have I packed everything, will the hotel live up to my expectations, will I be able to communicate with the people of the land, will I feel safe, will my phone work, will my credit card work?!! All of these thoughts are normal for anyone who ventures out of their comfort zone. 

Moments of doubt come and go like anything else in life. I’ve learned to trust, AND, have a plan! That goes for both travel and for life. I prepare well in advance, not just days before. I avoid rushing. I stay calm, pace myself, and do a little task every day. Trusting, AND having a plan is sure to lower the odds of things going wrong. 

Every journey I take is purpose-driven, soul-driven, and always includes thoughts of my son’s growth and wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of my business and career. Whether it is a cultural trip to the Vatican, or Disney - ‘the happiest place in the world’, or a wild Icelandic adventure - snorkelling between the Eurasian and North American Plates, each and every journey has its soulful purpose.

“Time, money, energy, and preparation, all of this has great value to all of us.
If I travel somewhere - it is only because the investment in all of the above, is expected to add to my life.”

Traveling with purpose brings an acute sense of awareness of the environment and the choices we make. Part of the plan is to also be open to spontaneity - to be in the flow and allow for surprises. Follow the heart, AND the the head, AND intuition. Embrace the unknown and the vulnerability that comes with, yet hold on to the plan and the purpose. Relax, but remain aware at the same time.

The above is a state-of-mind.

When my son and I are setting out for a day of exploration, we mindfully hold this posture as we leave our hotel room. What we end up with are experiences that are nothing short of magical. This state of mind, along with our soul-driven intention, engages the law of attraction. We find ourselves moving in directions that deliver us directly to our goals and better. We meet colourful characters that share ancient lore, then send us off to discover more hidden gems that you’d never read about in a tour guide book. 

We are pirates always looking for the hidden treasure. We have something of a map, but we look for the hidden clues. When all of it comes together, we bask in the exhilaration and awe of how the universe works and provides. We feel wide awake by our soul-realizations, by our feelings of greatness as courageous wayfarers, yet, we feel too our human vulnerability, very aware that life here is a delicate gift not to be taken for granted, and with so much more to discover and understand, if we just dare to keep asking.

It’s okay to be in between the middle somewhere - anywhere - everywhere. That is where Wayfarers are happiest.  

Seek and you will find. Be dared.